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The BEST Foam Standard

 The Furniture Manufacturing Industry of North Mississippi is ultra-competitive and requires one to be at the top of his game or be replaced. To acheive success in this dog eat dog industry takes consistent competitive pricing, above average quality, technology, delivery and relationships. The BEST Foam has set the standard in all these areas placing itself a cut above the rest living up to it's name as The BEST in the business.

The BEST Quality

The obvious quality and softness of our product can seen here opening a 30' tall bun of memory from nearly nothing


Look at that quality and softness.......Amazing!!! We can't wait to start the last process and get you sinking into one and falling straight to sleep.

That's A Fact

  • Memory Foam

  • Encapsulates applied pressure to alleviate tension for optimal recovery

  • Responds to shifts in pressure quickly for a steady, un-interrupted rest

  • Promotes a comfortable sleeping temperature as the cooling gel component pulls heat away

The Best

A cut above the rest!!!

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